Special Assistance

Special assistance for passengers having any type of disability

Airlines provide special free services to passengers who are having any type of disability. Individuals who have reduced mobility issues can also get free services from the airlines at the airport. This will be helping them to board the flights. To make things nice and easy, we are giving some valuable points of the information so that passengers can book their flights with full confidence without any trouble.

Further, it is highly recommended that passengers must go through the details carefully and read the policy of the airlines on which you are going to book your tickets.

Who is the right authority to contact, in case special assistance is needed for the passenger?

It is highly recommended for the customers to get in touch with the airports for concerned Airlines when they need special assistance. There are some prerequisites that every passenger must take into account when they are planning to get the special assistance services to fly comfortable situations at the airport and onboard. It is necessary to order such services in advance. This timing should be at least 48 hours before the final departure time of the airlines. At the time of booking the ticket, the passenger must demand the availability of such services.

Usually, customers can always get in touch with the airport authority or airlines for asking special assistance services. However, if you are finding some trouble you can also ask for the hotline numbers and give them a call. On the call, you can tell them to arrange the special need services for you. By calling them, you can simply inform the airport and airlines that you will be in the need of special assistance services.

The next important thing is furnishing the right information. Yes, this will be the duty of the passenger to furnish the complete and accurate details about the needs to the airports and the airlines. Airports and airlines can only provide accurate assistance when your details are complete and accurate. Therefore, passengers should provide every piece of information to have a trouble-free journey.

Does the person with special assistance need should have someone to travel with him or her?

Safety of everyone is the major concern with airlines and on this ground, they can also deny the reservations of the person or they can also ask to bring someone to take care of the passenger. He must be capable of helping the passenger in case of any somewhat emergency whenever passenger with special assistance need require such help. Now you must be thinking about the situations in which individuals will need someone to travel with them and help them.

a. They have trouble understanding the safety instructions and cannot react to the safety instructions because of their learning or cognitive disabilities.

b. Person who is having dual disabilities viz. blind and deaf, and cannot give prompt response to the given safety instructions, needs a companion.

c. If the person is not liable for any help to an emergency exit without any help, need someone to reach the emergency exit.

These are the most probable situations where you will require a companion in the air traveling with you. For the more, there are some particular situations by analyzing that, you can judge whether you need to have someone to travel with you or not. Individuals who are not self-reliant in any situation and cannot manage some particular activities are highly advised to bring someone with them to take care of them during the emergency and travel by air.

1. Fastening the seat belt is the basic activity of air travel. If the person is not able to fasten and unfasten the seat belt without any help, this simply means that someone should there with him to do these tasks.

2. A life jacket plays a major role in unforeseen situations. Airlines expect that everyone should be able to wear and take out the life jackets at the right time as per the instructions. If the passenger is not able to do so, he must be bringing someone to travel with him and do these chores.

3. Airlines also expect every passenger to reach the emergency door whenever it is needed. If the person is not able to find and reach the emergency door without help, he needs the company of someone who can perform this task for him.

4. The next task is that the passenger must be able to do without help is putting on the oxygen mask and feeding himself.

5. Airlines also expect the passenger must be able to lift himself from the passenger seat and sit on the on-board wheelchair without any help.

6. Furthermore, the traveler should be able to use toilet facilities without aid and should be able to take the medicines whenever needed.

7. The passenger must be able to breathe properly without any supplementary oxygen. In case the passenger needs someone to help him during the journey, he must bring someone healthy and able to provide assistance during an emergency. The Person who requires some help can bring to our passengers with him for special assistance. In case of any doubt, the passenger is expected to get in touch with the airlines and airport authorities. In case you require a carrier with you for traveling, you should ask for this in advance with airlines.

Guidelines for Stretchers

Some Airlines do not allow on-road structures. So you should always inform about this to the airlines and ask whether it is available or not. It is highly recommended to get in touch with the Airlines for such requirements in advance.

Availability of the wheelchair

It is highly recommended to the passengers that they should inform in time so that they can have the availability of wheelchair. The same thing will apply to the requirement of mobility aid and batteries. Every airline has its policies and you are in the need of such assistance you should better find out the airline's policies on its official website. You can also give them a call and get in touch with them about the wheelchair policies. Airlines must provide boarding and deplaning help to the passengers as per the rules and regulations of the concerned authorities. The airlines are also abided to provide any personal or equipment help to the passenger who demands it. Air carrier access act and the Department of Transportation have made the laws for the same for the clear guidance of the airlines in this matter.

Medicines and Oxygen

Every airline has some security measures. Due to these reasons, they cannot allow the passengers to bring their oxygen onboard. In case you have some special requirements, you should get in touch with the airport authority and ask for the same.

In the same manner, syringes and needles are not allowed without the written prescriptions of the doctor. In such prescriptions, it must be clearly stated that customers are in the medical need of carrying such things with them. Passengers must consider these given guidelines for traveling with medicines for smooth traveling.

Airlines expect the passengers to have a letter from GP. It should confirm that medicine, which the passenger is caring with them at the time of traveling, is only for the medical purpose. The name and type of the medicine should also be clear with its required dosage. Furthermore, the latter should also reveal what types of items are required with the medicines. It should also clearly mention the purpose of carrying such medications. Passengers should stay informed that local security your custom officers can always inquire material which is being carried by the passengers other than the prescribed quantity or type.

Labeling of the medicine is the next important thing, which required the attention of the passengers. The airline and Custom Officer expect to have the original packing of the medicine, which should reveal the Pharmaceutical details. It should also reveal the fact that this particular medicine belongs to you and it should be clearly labeled on the packing of the medicine.

It is highly recommended to the passengers to have a reputed prescription from GP. This will be very helpful when the passengers are going abroad. This prescription helps in the event of loss of medicine or damage of medicine. It can further also help when there are insufficient supplies available for that particular medicine.

Every country has its own rules and regulations for the ingredients of the medicine. So you should better check with the embassy of the country whether ingredients of your medicines are allowed in that particular country or not.

Rules and regulations for needles and syringes

Only for the control of medical conditions, needles and syringes are allowed on board but there should be sufficient documentation to prove the fact that it is only for medical purposes. Passengers will lead to furnishing these documents in the following conditions.

Passengers are expected to carry a letter from GP that should confirm the purpose of carrying such medications and it should reveal the necessity of carrying such medications. Passengers must demand a box labeled as SHARPS from the crew. It is always available on board for the passengers who need it.

Use of a cool bag

Passengers who are carrying the medications, which are required to be kept cool, must bring a cool bag with them. This is so because onboard fridges cannot be used for keeping the medicines cold. One very common medicine that requires to be kept cool is insulin for diabetes.

Keeping liquid medication

As per the current security advice, passengers are allowed to carry the liquid medication in their hand luggage. For more information, passengers are advised to go through the details on http://www.dot.gov for the latest update.

Visual disabilities

Individuals with visual disabilities are expected to bring a caretaker who should also buy a ticket. People who cannot travel without any assistance due to blindness or visual impairment should bring someone to assist. Every airline assists people with visual impairment.

In such assistance, many things are covered like helping the passenger to board and de-board the aircraft. Airlines can also help in giving safety instructions on an individual basis. During the flight, many types of assistance are also provided. For more details, passengers can always call them and ask for specific details.

Hearing impairments

Passengers should always get in touch with airlines in advance if they have a hearing impairment and seeking assistance. The passengers should read the "Who is the right authority to contact….." to find out who is the right authority to get in touch. Airlines always have separate arrangements for giving the safety guidelines and instructions through different suitable methods for the people with hearing impairments. We request you to get in touch with the airport authority and airlines in advance to make sure that you can get hearing assistance and have a smooth journey.

Assistance for expectant mothers

Expectant mothers usually get special assistance from every Airline. They always have different policies for expectant mothers. It is expected that such mothers should go through the airline's policy to make sure that safe boarding is possible for them. Usually, they need to furnish medical certificates to get successful assistance from the Airlines. They should provide the certifications that are for up to the 27th week of pregnancy.

Expectant mothers who are going through the 28th at 34 weeks of pregnancy should furnish at the front medical certificate. The health status of such a mother should be mentioned in certifications. It must also contain information about the expected date of delivery and fitness status, which should be safe for flying.

Furthermore, it is also important that such a letter should not be older than six weeks. Airlines can deny allowing the expectant mothers you are going through the 34th week of the pregnancy on international flights. Furthermore, expectant mothers within the 30 days on their delivery date can also be tonight to travel on domestic flights. In many other pregnancy date-related issues, expectant mothers are advised to get in touch with the Airlines to know their policies.

Cruise lines will not accept the expectant mothers who were entered in the 24th week of pregnancy. It is highly recommended that pregnant women are best in their health as well as their babies. They will not be allowed to travel without a letter from a doctor, which should mention the best health condition of mother and baby.

In case of miscarriage

In case of miscarriage, some Airlines mentioned that passengers should not have any health issues. Particularly they should not have any bleeding or painful medical condition at least 24 hours before the date of travel. They should also carry a letter from the doctor you should have given the clearance for both.

The extra width of the seat>

Airlines already have an idea that some customers may not be able to sit properly on the regular size of the seats. Passengers may have large size body that may not fit in the regular seat. It is highly recommended for such passengers to buy at least one extra seat at the time of booking. If you are not sure or do not know whether you will be able to sit comfortably or not, you should always prefer to buy one more seat for a comfortable journey.

Passengers can also check that whether the special class of the seats is available or not so that they can have comfortable seating. Airlines usually have the upgraded class for the passengers with the large size body.

If the side-by-side seats are available then passengers can prefer to buy the two seats together. However, if there is already a special class available, they can simply ask the travel agent to book that particular ticket for them. However, passengers must notice the fact that they are required to pay the additional charges in both the case. They will be asked to pay more for the supplement class of the seat. The additional cost is always taken by the tour agent. In case you need, side-by-side, two seats the full charges will be applicable for both seats and the clients are required to make the payment.

For more information and a clear idea about the seats, passengers can always get in touch with the airlines. Customers are advised to know the measurement of the seat's width to avoid any sort of confusion. They can always get in touch with the concerned airlines and ask for the information. Further, it is also highly recommended that passengers should get in touch with the airlines if they have already bought one extra ticket because of the size. This will help the airlines to make your journey more comfortable and safe.

In the case of Broken Limbs

Airlines have clear instruction that plaster cast must be done at least 24 hours before in case of broken arms. In case of broken legs, it must be done for at least 48 hours before the traveling date. Is Indus are required to buy at least two additional seeds when the leg plaster is full and the leg cannot be bent.


Airlines always make sure, that if a person is there to assist a disabled person he or she must set next to the passenger. This will also depend on a person's level of mobility. Airlines will see as per the need required and will be providing the movable aisle armrest or fixed armrest as per the requirement of the case.

Points to remember about overseas accommodation and overseas transport arrangement

Passengers should always remember the fact that overseas accommodations are not designed perfectly according to the disabled person. You will find that overseas transportation, which includes transfers, is also not suitable for disabled holidaymakers. The layout of most of the resorts will not make the wheelchair users comfortable and thus they should take care of this factor.

Before the booking of any sort of accommodation, resort or transportation services disabled person who inquires all the points so that they can make a perfect choice, which should fulfill their demands.

In case they are planning to hire other services, they should also check that whether they are suitable for them or not. They should always ask about the various factors, which can make their stay and experience comfortable.

Deciding between finally staying in a hotel or booking a traveling service should be done only after comparing the various available options. This can make or break the entire situation for the passengers with disabilities. It is better to call us and get information about it. Passengers can always call to clear any doubt from their mind about the different types of services include accommodation, resorts, transport, and other services.

Usually, vendor or airlines have their own cost of arranging something extra for the clients with disabilities. Therefore, you should also bear this point in your mind that you will be asked to pay something extra when you are asking for special arrangements. Thus, you should never hesitate in this concern. Such charges will be extra from the pricing of the regular ticket.

Now you must be thinking about the decision and the amount of such extra charges. Well, this will be depending on the services that you are going to use. To know about the exact charges you should get in touch with the concerned organization this can be a hotel, car rental services, airport, Travel Company, airlines, etc. Our company will not be having any control over such charges and such charges will be depending on the concerned company.

Every vendor has its policy for accepting the payment in advance or on the arrival. This can be an organization like a car renting company, airline, airport, hotel, resort, or anything. Thus, you should always ask them about it in advance to avoid any discrepancy. This will be giving you a clear idea about the deal and the charges that you are going to pay.

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